Counterfeit Policy

Keeping our Online Whisky Auctions Secure

At Prestige Whisky Auction, we take great pride in every aspect of our business which is why we take counterfeit goods extremely seriously.

Due to the recent demand for whiskies, particularly high-value ranges, there has been an increase in the number of counterfeit goods being distributed. This can include a wide range of fraudulent activities such as refilling bottles, changing labels or other fraudulent activity.

Our staff are continually learning how to spot counterfeit items as this is also ever-changing. Every lot we receive is scrutinised to ensure, insofar as is possible it is 100% authentic by our team.

Physical Checks: Our team will check bottle fill levels and seals, the colour of whisky, the quality and condition of packaging including labelling among many others. 
Research:  Having handled whiskies for many years, we are able to compare standards set by each distillery and bottler. This could be spotting product codes, whisky colour or seal types.
Provenance:  We will speak directly to a current owner to discuss their knowledge, origin of a lot and may request proof of ownership.
Comparison: It is possible to use our stock and/or our industry connections to compare a questionable bottle with a genuine one.
Expertise: The whisky industry is a small network and we all work together to develop and share any knowledge on counterfeits. If we have any concerns on authenticity, we will liaise with experts, collectors and distilleries directly.

If our team have any queries on the authenticity of a lot, we reserve the right to refuse to enter this in any of our auctions.

When registering with Prestige Whisky Auction, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions which state that all items must be 100% genuine. Should any lots be found to breach these guidelines, we will immediately notify the authorities.

This policy has been created to reassure our members that we always have authenticity at the forefront of our auctions. We perform stringent checks to protect our customers and their investments as well.

Should our members have any queries on the authenticity of a lot shown on our site or wish to discuss anything further then please contact us by emailing [email protected]